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Ernie Megginson - VP – Development - Magnolia LNG LLC

Ernie Megginson

VP – Development
Magnolia LNG LLC

Ernie Megginson is currently VP – Development for Magnolia LNG LLC.  Mr. Megginson has 35 years of proven energy and project management experience. He successfully managed the development of several large-scale international energy projects while working for two of the oil majors, Chevron and Texaco.  After leaving ChevronTexaco in 2003, Mr. Megginson has acted as an independent consultant, where he has provided assistance to his clients in the initial feasibility analysis and development of domestic and international energy projects.  His most recent assignments have been with National BioEnergy LLC (focused on clean, affordable biofuels for the domestic USA markets), the Jamaica LNG import project (focusing on reducing the high cost of electricity in the island-nation) and the Magnolia LNG project located in Lake Charles, Louisiana (focusing on the exports of LNG from the domestic USA natural gas market to other international and/or domestic markets).

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