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“An excellent event, with Great participants, great topics and great discussions.”

“Good line up of speakers and discussion”

“Substantial information”

“The program was outstanding and the participation was very diverse and well representative of all the LNG ecosystem with great insight on current challenges but also opportunities.”

“Very good venue with interesting contacts.”

“Good group of speakers, even better group of attendees.”

“Well organized. Panels consisted of experienced and recognized individuals in the LNG industry who addressed important and timely issues facing the industry today. CWC personnel were very professional and fully in control of the schedule.”

“Great as always!”

“Great people, well run, dynamic conversation.”

“Enjoyed it. One of the best ones that I've attended”

“Well run and supported by the industry.”

“Good event!”

“Excellent event with a good discussions of the key topics”

“It was a solid conference with ample opportunities to learn and make contact with industry colleagues”

“Tremendous speakers. Great, timely information.”

“Excellent conference, very informative and well run”

“Good conference. Like the intimacy of it so we can have good discussions with many people in attendance”

“Excellent as usual, a lot of great information and speakers”

“Always a quality event”

“Good balance of speakers and topics”

“Interesting and thought provoking dialogue”

“Would have taken months to accomplish what was gained in just 3 days at the summit. Will definitely attend again.”

“I really enjoyed the conference, and I can say this with no exaggeration: the lineup and the quality of discussion on the financing aspects of LNG was absolutely first class, no other conference I have ever attended provide such depth on this topic.”

“Very informative and well organized.”

“Insightful, interesting and a good networking opportunity”

“Impressive. Motivational, energetic and fruitful.”

“Solid event ranging from topics covered to quality of attendees. Particularly impressed to see demand side attendees from Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras”

“Excellent conference and venue”

“Great event. Very high level detail and thought leadership”

“The training class was great, especially the financial modeling piece.”

“Excellent event, It was a opportunity to improve the knowledge about LNG and the perception of the differents agents in the LNG chain”

“Good solid event.”

“Excellent opportunity to meet with important industry players both regionally and globally, to share views of the evolution, challenges and opportunities of the market, in a broad and structured discussion where the fundamental issues has been addressed.”

“Good time with many information in one place.”

“Excellent! Speakers, the programme as well as the event were great. Perfect opportunity for networking.”

“Well organized.”

“The event was excelent, good network, excellent speakers.”

“The conference was informative and well organized.”

“Well-organized even with a good coverage of the entire LNG value chain, based on insights from people focused on different geographic markets or strategic aspects of the industry”

“Very well-organized event with many very solid presentations and good, lively discussion in panel formats and in Q&A and networking events. Quality attendance, with lots of important industry players and experts.”

“I want to thank…the excellent CWC team for organizing and conducting a most informative, relevant and well-attended LNG conference this week in Houston. You furthered the reputation that CWC has earned in the industry that distinguishes you among the competition.”

“Very productive and useful conference.”

“Well organized and useful”

“Very illustrative and up to date in the topics of interest.”

“Well-organized and speakers understood their topics well.”

“Very good, a lot of very useful information.”

“I'll be back”

“A place to get acquainted quickly with the latest news and trends and to meet the people that matter.”

“Excellent event.”

“Great conference with amazing speakers giving in-depth analysis on the dynamic global LNG business, offering new initiatives to collaborate with end users for sustainability.”

“Good, informative and well run”

“A highly focused event on commercial issues in LNG, globally.”

“Great presentations, great networking. Its a must attend event for anyone in the LNG trading business.”

“Excellent opportunity to brainstorm where LNG market goes.”

“Outstanding event. Very informative discussions and a valuable networking opportunity.”

“Excellent and well attended conference with a broad range and depth of speakers that is unmatched in my experience”

“It is still the most valuable regional US LNG conference due to the caliber of the attendees.”

“Excellent event. We found it very useful”

“Well organized, on time, logical content management, top speakers, acquired lots of good info.”

“Very informative discussion surrounding Americas LNG demand and growth”

“Great event with very well appointed panel - especially Session 1 on Day 1”

“It was a very informative conference”

“Interesting and thought provoking”

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